Delhi is gateway of India and most of the tourist to India arrive in Delhi for their Indian experience.

We have complied a list of do & do not do’s for first time travellers to Delhi so that they can make their stay & experience hassle free, avoid touts & scams and get most out of their time in Delhi.

Common Scams in Delhi

Airport Prepaid taxi scam

Always book your pickup with hotel of your stay to arrive safely at your hotel/hostel of stay.

Prepaid cab drivers and auto drivers are notorious and hand in glove with touts and will tell you all sort of lies to take you to fake tourist offices and thereafter to other destinations & hotels. You will loose not only peace of mind but will be sold expensive tours and services.

You can read about this in detail at

Avoid scams when you arrive in Delhi

Tripadvisor prepaid taxi scam forum

For Transport

  • Do not use prepaid cabs and autos when you arrive in Delhi, most of the drivers try to cheat by telling you lies in attempt to take you to hotels or shops from where they can collect commission.
  • While using cabs, always prefer to use UBER/ OLA cabs
  • While booking train tickets or using trains avoid any information or help from anyone at stations. Many touts are present at station (sometimes in uniform) who would tell that train is cancelled or your ticket is not valid just to lure you buy some tour or service.
  • Metro is convenient way to travel in Delhi specially for women as first coach is always reserved for women. You can buy tourist metro card for 1 day & 3 days to avoid buying token every-time you travel.

While visiting Landmarks, temples & religious places

  • Please dress conservatively when visiting temple or any place of worship
  • Entry to almost all temples and religious places is free
  • Buying ticket online for historical landmarks in convenient & cheaper

Check list on your trip:-

  • Please bring your walking shoes
  • Sunglasses, Sunscreen and umbrella in summer time
  • Keep regular medicines for stomach bug, fever
  • Download google maps for cities you are visiting
  • Keep soft and hard copy of your passport,Visa and arrival stamp

DO’s & DO NOT’s:- Please read carefully while travelling in Delhi & India

  • Never trust or interact with anyone unknown person trying to be friendly with you at any monuments, landmarks & markets or anyone saying he is  tourist officer( sometimes in uniform). It is not rude to ignore.
  • Never accept anything to eat from any unknown person, specially when travelling in train or in any monument/ temple.
  • Never hand over your camera/ possession to unknown person while entering any monument/ temple. Use proper clock rooms or our guides/ drivers.
  • Never buy from shops suggested by anyone unless you have verified them yourself.
  • Never eat from restaurants/cafe suggested by anyone unless you have verified them yourself.
  • Important- Avoid raw food from street side vendors , always use bottled water

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